Published in Rochester Woman Magazine, June 2012
Author: Lynn Kendrot, Owner, Cut Clutter Now

Are you feeling stressed from the disorganization surrounding you at home? Do you have more than one generation living with you?

  1. No one person can take on the burden of maintaining a large household. Hold a family discussion to share your thoughts and obtain buy-in.
  2. Set up a Task Chart with a row for each member. Assign tasks on a rotating basis. For the younger children, use stickers and a treat to mark their completed tasks.
  3. Disorganized chaos — A family calendar or whiteboard is ideal to share appointments and other commitments.
  4. Children — Set aside an area where book bags, jackets, shoes, lunchboxes, homework, etc. are deposited immediately after entering your home. Each child is responsible to hang their items and place their belongings in their own bin.
  5. Adults — Set up storage baskets for each adult to hold wallets, keys, purses as they enter the home. Utilize closets for hanging jackets and coats. Create a storage solution for shoes.
  6. Homework Station — Set up a designated space where homework can be done without distraction. Book bags should be returned to storage area after homework completion.
  7. Find a Home for Everything! One of the most important elements of keeping organized is to have a “home” for everything.
  8. Incoming Mail — Designate a location for incoming mail for each adult.
  9. Bill paying — Designate an area for bill paying, storage of unpaid and paid bills, and a record-keeping book. Utilize online bill paying services.
  10. Laundry — designate laundry stations. There are some great rolling carts holding 3 bags for instant color sorting.
  11. Kitchen — The cleaning fairy will not magically appear to load the dishwasher, clean the stove, and put away food and dishes. Assign tasks.
  12. Straighten prior to bedtime. Before the children head to bed, time should be taken to pick up any toys, clothes, shoes, blankets, and dishes.

These are just a few ideas to steer you on a path to reducing your stress from disorganization.

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