As you tackle your project(s), remember to pick and choose the best methods that serve you!  Let’s get started.

Gather the items you will need:

  • Choose from either tall paper leaf bags, plastic/paper bags, empty boxes, recycled gift bags for containing items to be donated.
  • Smaller plastic bin with cover for items to be repurposed for cleaning cloths for home or garage (be sure to cut off buttons, zippers and closures).
  • Medium plastic bins if you are transitioning clothing from one child to another child. Use sticky note on outside of bin to designate clothing size and name of future recipient.
  • Pen, a spiral notebook labelled, 2019 DONATIONS for keeping written documentation of items you are donating.  I like to label the paper with general categories – shirts, slacks, dresses, jackets, etc. 
  • Track the items by marking slashes in groups of 5.  It is then simple to track my donations by category for tax purpose recordkeeping.
  • Digital camera to capture images of your pending donations.
  • Wooden tray table or portable plastic table (for folding and sorting items)
  • Dust cloth, furniture spray, mirror spray, paper towels and vacuum cleaner.
  • Shelf paper (optional) for lining drawers (scented or unscented).
  • It is helpful to know your current clothing sizes.  

Next select either the dresser to start with first.

  • Be sure to have your curtains open and have good lighting in the room by using your overhead lighting, removing lamp shades or bringing in a tall lamp from another room.
  • Make your bed.
  • You may empty all the clothing from one drawer at a time in separate piles on your bed.
  • Clear top items from top of dresser.  Vacuum the drawers with the hand-held attachment, then wipe and polish.  Dust and polish top, sides and back of dresser.  Move the dresser to the side and vacuum floor and move back into place.  Replace needed items on top of dresser and rehouse or toss unneeded items.
  • Shelf paper to line drawers (optional).

Take a five-minute break (use a kitchen timer) to catch your breath, meditate or drink caffeine-free tea.

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