How It Works

How It Works

Working with Cut Clutter Now is easy. In five simple steps, I’ll have your home or business organized to your liking.

01. Contact Cut Clutter Now
You’re ready to start organizing.
Contact us via phone at 585-295-3910.

02. 30-minute consultation
You’ll get a free 30-minute
telephone consultation. We’ll
discuss your goals, problem
areas and must-do projects.

03. Plan and estimate
We’ll provide an outline of
services and cost estimate.
Depending on the scope, we
might meet to organize once
or several times.

04. Organize
This is the fun part where you
step back and we bring order
to your life. With your help, we
determine what is kept, sold,
curbed or donated.

05. Recycling & Donating

We’ll recycle the items you no longer
need and drop off donations at local donation
centers. Don’t worry, you’ll get the
tax credit for the donation!

Relax and Enjoy!

Relax and enjoy as you feel the peacefulness take over your mind and spirit as you enjoy your uncluttered space.